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Pronunciation of Ascend: Learn how to pronounce Ascend in English correctly

Learn how to say Ascend correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ascend:

1 [with object] go up or climb:
she ascended the stairs
[no object]:
we had ascended 3,000 ft
climb to the summit of (a mountain or hill):
the first traveller to ascend the mountain
(of a fish or boat) move upstream along (a river):
salmon ascend rivers from the sea to spawn
2 [no object] rise or move up through the air:
the lift ascended from his sight
(of a road or flight of steps) slope or lead up:
the road ascends to the loch
(as adjective ascending)
a gently ascending forest track
move up to a higher social or professional rank:
some executives ascend to top-level positions
(ascend to/into heaven) (of a spiritual being or soul) go to heaven:
the Prophet ascended to heaven
(as adjective ascended)
the risen and ascended Christ
(of a voice or sound) rise in pitch:
Carolyn’s voice had ascended into high-pitched giggles

ascend the throne
become king or queen.

late Middle English: from Latin ascendere, from ad- ‘to’ + scandere ‘to climb’