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Pronunciation of Any One: Learn how to pronounce Any One in English correctly

Learn how to say Any One correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word anyone:

1 [usually with negative or in questions] any person or people:
there wasn’t anyone there
does anyone remember him?
I was afraid to tell anyone
[without negative] used for emphasis:
anyone could do it
2a person of importance or authority:
they are read by anyone who’s anyone

be anyone’s

informal be open to sexual advances from anyone:
three shandies and he’s anyone’s
anyone’s game

an evenly balanced contest:
it was still anyone’s game at half-time
The two-word form any one is not the same as the one-word form anyone and the two forms cannot be used interchangeably. Any one means ‘any single (person or thing)’, as in:
not more than twelve new members are admitted in any one year