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Pronunciation of Amount: Learn how to pronounce Amount in English correctly

Learn how to say Amount correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word amount:

a quantity of something, especially the total of a thing or things in number, size, value, or extent:
sport gives an enormous amount of pleasure to many people
the substance is harmless if taken in small amounts
a sum of money:
they have spent a colossal amount rebuilding the stadium
[no object] (amount to)
come to be (the total) when added together:
losses amounted to over 10 million pounds
be regarded or classified as; be the equivalent of:
their actions amounted to a conspiracy
what this guy was doing clearly did amount to persecution
develop into; become:
you’ll never amount to anything

any amount of

a great deal or number of:
the second half produced any amount of action
no amount of

not even the greatest possible amount of:
no amount of talk is going to change anything

Middle English (as a verb): from Old French amunter, from amont ‘upward’, literally ‘uphill’, from Latin ad montem. The noun use dates from the early 18th century