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Pronunciation of Alleys: Learn how to pronounce Alleys in English correctly

Learn how to say Alleys correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word alley:

noun (plural alleys)
a narrow passageway between or behind buildings:
he took a short cut along an alley
there were a few muggings in the backstreets and alleys
a path lined with trees, bushes, or stones:
alleys of standing stones
[with modifier] a long, narrow area in which games such as skittles and bowling are played:
a skittle alley
Tennis, North American either of the two side strips between the singles sideline and the sidelines which count as part of the court in a doubles match.
Baseball the area between the outfielders in left-centre or right-centre field.

late Middle English: from Old French alee ‘walking or passage’, from aler ‘go’, from Latin ambulare ‘to walk’