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Pronunciation of All Ready: Learn how to pronounce All Ready in English correctly

Learn how to say All Ready correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ready:

adjective (readier, readiest)
1 [predic.] in a suitable state for an action or situation; fully prepared:
are you ready, Carrie?
I got ready for bed
[with infinitive]:
she was about ready to leave
(of a thing) made suitable and available for immediate use:
dinner’s ready!
could you have the list ready by this afternoon?
(ready with) keen or quick to give:
every time I rang up, she was ready with some excuse
(ready for) in need of or having a desire for:
I expect you’re ready for a drink
2 [with infinitive] willing or eager to do something:
she is ready to die for her political convictions
in such a condition as to be likely to do something:
by the time he arrived he was ready to drop
3easily available or obtained; within reach:
there was a ready supply of drink
the murderer knew that the mallet would be ready to hand
[attributive] immediate, quick, or prompt:
those who have ready access to the arts
a girl with a ready smile
[usually in combination]
done in advance of being needed:
ready-cooked meals
noun (plural readies)
(readies or the ready) British informal
available money; cash.
verb (readies, readying, readied)
[with object]
prepare for an action or purpose:
the spare transformer was readied for shipment
[with object and infinitive]:
she readied herself to speak first