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Pronunciation of Aligner: Learn how to pronounce Aligner in English correctly

Learn how to say Aligner correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word align:

1 [with object] place or arrange (things) in a straight line:
the desks are aligned in straight rows facing forwards
put (things) into correct or appropriate relative positions:
the fan blades are carefully aligned
aligning domestic prices with prices in world markets
[no object] lie in a straight line, or in correct relative positions:
the pattern of the border at the joint should align perfectly
2 (align oneself with) give support to (a person, organization, or cause):
newspapers usually align themselves with certain political parties
[no object] come together in agreement or alliance:
all of them must now align against the foe

late 17th century: from French aligner, from à ligne ‘into line’