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Pronunciation of Aiding: Learn how to pronounce Aiding in English correctly

Learn how to say Aiding correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word aid:

1 [mass noun] help, typically of a practical nature:
he saw the pilot slumped in his cockpit and went to his aid
she walked with the aid of a Zimmer frame
financial or material help given to a country or area in need:
700,000 tons of food aid
[as modifier]:
an aid agency
[count noun] a source of help or assistance:
exercise is an important aid to recovery after heart attacks
a teaching aid
2 historical a grant of subsidy or tax to a king or queen.
[with object]
help or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something:
women were aided in childbirth by midwives
[no object]:
research was conducted to aid in making decisions
promote or encourage (something):
diet and exercise aid healthy skin
aid and abet
see abet.
in aid of
chiefly British in support of; for the purpose of raising money for:
a charity show in aid of Leukaemia Research
what’s (all) this in aid of?
British informal what is the purpose of this?.
late Middle English: from Old French aide (noun), aidier (verb), based on Latin adjuvare, from ad- ‘towards’ + juvare ‘to help’