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Pronunciation of Against: Learn how to pronounce Against in English correctly

Learn how to say Against correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word against:

1in opposition to:
the fight against crime
he decided against immediate publication
swimming against the tide
with reference to legal action:
the first victim gave evidence against him
with reference to a sporting contest:
the championship match against Somerset
2in anticipation of and preparation for (a problem or difficulty):
he gritted his teeth against the pain
makeshift barricades against tank attacks
(in betting) in anticipation of the failure of:
the odds were 5-1 against England
in resistance to; as protection from:
he turned up his collar against the wind
in relation to (an amount of money owed, due, or lent) so as to reduce, cancel, or secure it:
money was advanced against the value of the property
3in conceptual contrast to:
the benefits must be weighed against the costs
in visual contrast to:
he was silhouetted against the light of the stair window
4in or into physical contact with (something), so as to be supported by or collide with it:
she stood with her back against the door
frustration made him bang his head against the wall
against one’s wishes
when one is unwilling or has refused:
if any photos or information are included here against your wishes, please let me know and they will be removed immediately
against the law (or rules)
illegal or unlawful:
cockfighting has been against the law in South Carolina for 120 years
it was against the rules to have a guy in a girl’s room
have something against someone
dislike or bear a grudge towards someone:
I have nothing against you personally
Middle English: from again + -s (adverbial genitive) + -t probably by association with superlatives (as in amongst)