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Pronunciation of Against All The Odds: Learn how to pronounce Against All The Odds in English correctly

Learn how to say Against All The Odds correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word odds:

the ratio between the amounts staked by the parties to a bet, based on the expected probability either way:
Nicer is starting at odds of 8-1
it is possible for the race to be won at very long odds
(usually the odds) the chances or likelihood of something happening or being the case:
the odds are that he is no longer alive
the odds against this ever happening are high
(usually the odds) the balance of advantage; superiority in strength, power, or resources:
she clung to the lead against all the odds
the odds were overwhelmingly in favour of the banks rather than the customer
at odds
in conflict or at variance:
his behaviour is at odds with the interests of the company
by all odds
North American certainly.
it makes no odds
informal, chiefly British it does not matter:
come and see me any timeā€”it makes no odds to me!
[from an earlier use of odds in the sense ‘difference in advantage or effect’]
lay (or give) odds
offer a bet with odds favourable to the other better:
bookies have refused to give odds on the outcome of today’s debate
be very sure about something:
I’d lay odds that the person responsible is an insider
over the odds
British above what is generally considered acceptable, especially for a price:
you could be paying over the odds for perfume
take odds
offer a bet with odds unfavourable to the other better:
you might be tempted to take odds on a dead heat
what’s the odds?
informal what does it matter?.
[from an earlier sense of odds; compare with it makes no odds]
early 16th century: apparently the plural of the obsolete noun odd ‘odd number or odd person’