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Pronunciation of Advantaged: Learn how to pronounce Advantaged in English correctly

Learn how to say Advantaged correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word advantage:

a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favourable or superior position:
companies with a computerized database are at an advantage
she had an advantage over her mother’s generation
[mass noun] the opportunity to gain something; benefit or profit:
you could learn something to your advantage
he saw some advantage in the proposal
a favourable or desirable feature:
the village’s proximity to the town is an advantage
Tennis a score marking a point interim between deuce and winning the game:
‘Advantage, Federer.’
[with object]
put in a favourable or superior position.

have the advantage of
dated be in a stronger position than.
take advantage of
1exploit for one’s own benefit:
people tend to take advantage of a placid nature
dated (of a man) seduce (a woman):
he used his position to take advantage of women
2make good use of the opportunities offered by:
take full advantage of the facilities available
to advantage
in a way which displays or makes good use of the best aspects of something:
her shoes showed off her legs to advantage
plan your space to its best advantage
turn something to advantage (or to one’s advantage)
handle or respond to something in such a way as to benefit from it:
they dominated the first half of the game but failed to turn it to advantage

Middle English: from Old French avantage, from avant ‘in front’, from late Latin abante (see advance)