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Pronunciation of Advances: Learn how to pronounce Advances in English correctly

Learn how to say Advances correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word advance:

1 [no object] move forwards in a purposeful way:
he advanced towards the dispatch box
the troops advanced on the capital
move forward in time:
as the nineteenth century advanced
[with object] change the date of (an event) so as to occur earlier than planned:
I advanced the schedule by several weeks
2make or cause to make progress:
[no object]:
our knowledge is advancing all the time
[with object]:
it was a chance to advance his own interests
[no object] (of shares) increase in price:
the food group advanced 12p to 639p
3 [with object] put forward (a theory or suggestion):
the hypothesis I wish to advance in this article
4 [with two objects] lend (money) to (someone):
the building society advanced them a loan
pay (money) to (someone) before it is due:
he advanced me a month’s salary
1a forward movement:
the rebels’ advance on Madrid was well under way
the advance of civilization
2a development or improvement:
advances in engineering techniques
[mass noun]:
decades of great scientific advance
an increase in amount or price:
share prices showed significant advances
3an amount of money paid before it is due or for work only partly completed:
the author was paid a £250,000 advance
a loan:
an advance from the bank
4 (usually advances) an approach made to someone with the aim of initiating sexual or amorous relations:
her tutor made advances to her
done, sent, or supplied beforehand:
advance notice