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Pronunciation of Admitted: Learn how to pronounce Admitted in English correctly

Learn how to say Admitted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word admit:

verb (admits, admitting, admitted)
1 [reporting verb] confess to be true or to be the case:
[with clause]:
the Home Office finally admitted that several prisoners had been injured
[with direct speech]:
‘I am feeling pretty tired,’ Jane admitted
[with object] confess to (a crime or fault, or one’s responsibility for it):
he was sentenced to prison after admitting 47 charges of burglary
[no object]:
the paramilitaries admitted to the illegal possession of arms
[with object] acknowledge (a failure or fault):
after searching for an hour, she finally had to admit defeat
2 [with object] (usually admit to) allow (someone) to enter a place:
old-age pensioners are admitted free to the museum
receive (a patient) into a hospital for treatment:
she was admitted to hospital suffering from a chest infection
allow (a person, country, etc.) to join an organization:
Canada was admitted to the League of Nations
allow (someone) to share in a privilege:
he was admitted to the freedom of the city in 1583
3 [with object] accept as valid:
the courts can refuse to admit police evidence which has been illegally obtained
4 [no object] (admit of) allow the possibility of:
the need to inform him was too urgent to admit of further delay
late Middle English: from Latin admittere, from ad- ‘to’ + mittere ‘send’

Spelling rule
If a verb ends with a single vowel plus a consonant, and the stress is at the end of the word (as in refer), double the last letter when adding -ing or -ed: (admits, admitting, admitted).