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Pronunciation of Admirals: Learn how to pronounce Admirals in English correctly

Learn how to say Admirals correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word admiral:

1the most senior commander of a fleet or navy.
(Admiral) a naval officer of the second most senior rank, above vice admiral and below Admiral of the Fleet or Fleet Admiral.
short for vice admiral or rear admiral.
2 [with modifier] a butterfly which has dark wings with bold red or white markings. See red admiral, white admiral.
Middle English (denoting an emir or Saracen commander): from Old French amiral, admirail, via medieval Latin from Arabic ‘amīr ‘commander’ (from ‘amara ‘to command’). The ending -al was from Arabic -al- ‘of the’, used in titles (e.g. ‘amīr-al-‘umarā ‘ruler of rulers’), later assimilated to the familiar Latinate suffix -al