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Pronunciation of Adlibbing: Learn how to pronounce Adlibbing in English correctly

Learn how to say Adlibbing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ad-lib:

verb (ad-libs, ad-libbing, ad-libbed)
[no object]
speak or perform without previously preparing one’s words:
Charles had to ad-lib because he’d forgotten his script
adverb & adjective
(also ad lib)
1spoken or performed without previous preparation:
[as adjective]:
an ad-lib commentary
[as adverb]:
I spoke ad lib
Music (especially as a direction) with free rhythm and expression.
2as much and as often as desired:
[as adverb]:
the price includes meals and drinks ad lib
an ad-lib remark or speech:
he came up with an apt ad-lib

early 19th century (as an adverb): abbreviation of ad libitum