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Pronunciation of Adhesions: Learn how to pronounce Adhesions in English correctly

Learn how to say Adhesions correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word adhesion:

[mass noun]
1the action or process of adhering to a surface or object:
the adhesion of the gum strip to the paper
the frictional grip of wheels, shoes, etc. on a surface:
the sole unit provides good adhesion for walking on all surfaces
Physics the sticking together of particles of different substances.
allegiance to a particular person, party, or set of ideas:
he was harshly criticized for his adhesion to Say’s law
2 Medicine an abnormal adhering of surfaces due to inflammation or injury:
[count noun]:
endoscopic surgery for pelvic adhesions
late 15th century: from French adh├ęsion, from Latin adhaesio(n-), from the verb adhaerere (see adhere)