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Pronunciation of Actual: Learn how to pronounce Actual in English correctly

Learn how to say Actual correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word actual:

1existing in fact; real:
the estimate was much less than the actual cost
used to emphasize the important aspect of something:
the book could be condensed into half the space, but what of the actual content?
2existing now; current:
using actual income to measure expected income
in actual fact
used to emphasize a comment that modifies or contradicts a previous statement:
people talk as if he was a monster—in actual fact he was a very kind guy
your actual ——
informal the real, genuine, or important thing specified:
is this a drop of your actual feminine intuition?
Middle English: from Old French actuel ‘active, practical’, from late Latin actualis, from actus (see act)