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Pronunciation of Active: Learn how to pronounce Active in English correctly

Learn how to say Active correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word active:

1engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits:
although he was seventy he was still robust and active
moving or tending to move about vigorously or frequently:
I couldn’t feel the baby moving, and it was normally very active
characterized by busy or lively activity:
they enjoyed an active social life
(of a person’s mind or imagination) alert and lively:
Caroline nodded slowly, her active mind already racing ahead
2participating or engaged in a particular sphere or activity:
sexually active teenagers
she was an active member of the society
[predic.] (of a person or animal) pursuing their usual occupation or activity at a particular place or time:
tigers are active mainly at night
3in operation; working:
the old watermill was active until 1960
(of an electric circuit) capable of modifying its state or characteristics automatically in response to input or feedback:
the receiver is continuously active whenever the vehicle ignition is switched on
(of a volcano) that is erupting or has erupted in historical times:
the volcano became active on 28 March last year
Etna is Europe’s highest and most active volcano
(of a disease) in which the symptoms are manifest; not in remission or latent.
having a chemical or biological effect on something:
active ingredients
4 Grammar denoting a voice of verbs in which the subject is typically the person or thing performing the action and which can take a direct object (e.g. she loved him as opposed to the passive form he was loved).
an active form of a verb.




Middle English (in the sense ‘preferring action to contemplation’): from Latin activus, from act- ‘done’, from the verb agere