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Pronunciation of Acted: Learn how to pronounce Acted in English correctly

Learn how to say Acted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word act:

[no object]
1take action; do something:
they urged Washington to act
[with infinitive]:
governments must act to reduce pollution
(act on) take action according to or in the light of:
I shall certainly act on his suggestion
(act for) take action in order to bring about:
one’s ability to act for community change
(act for/on behalf of) represent (someone) on a contractual, legal, or paid basis:
he chose a solicitor to act for him
(act from/out of) be motivated by:
you acted from greed
2 [with adverbial] behave in the way specified:
they challenged a man who was seen acting suspiciously
he acts as if he owned the place
try to act like civilized adults
3 (act as) fulfil the function or serve the purpose of:
they need volunteers to act as foster-parents
a day-care centre which will act as a meeting place
4take effect; have a particular effect:
bacteria act on proteins and sugar
5perform a role in a play, film, or television:
she acted in her first professional role at the age of six
[with object]:
he acted the role of the king
[with complement] behave so as to appear to be; pretend to be:
I acted dumb at first
[with object] (act something out) perform a narrative as if it were a play:
encouraging pupils to act out the stories
[with object] (act something out) Psychoanalysis express repressed emotion or impulses in overt behaviour as a defensive substitute for conscious recall, typical of some behavioural disorders.