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Pronunciation of A Long Time Ago: Learn how to pronounce A Long Time Ago in English correctly

Learn how to say A Long Time Ago correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word time:

1 [mass noun] the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole:
travel through space and time
one of the greatest wits of all time
the continued progress of existence as affecting people and things:
things were getting better as time passed
time or an amount of time as reckoned by a conventional standard:
it’s eight o’clock New York Time
(Time or Father Time) the personification of time, typically as an old man with a scythe and hourglass.
2a point of time as measured in hours and minutes past midnight or noon:
the time is 9.30
a moment or definite portion of time allotted, used, or suitable for a purpose:
the scheduled departure time
shall we fix a time for the meeting?
(often time for/to do something) the favourable or appropriate time to do something:
it was time to go
it’s time for bed
(a time) an indefinite period:
travelling always distorts one’s feelings for a time
(also times) a portion of time in history or characterized by particular events or circumstances:
Victorian times
at the time of Galileo
the park is beautiful at this time of year
(also times) the conditions of life during a particular period:
times have changed
(the Times) used in names of newspapers:
the Oxford Times
(one’s time) one’s lifetime:
I’ve known a lot of women in my time
(one’s time) the successful, fortunate, or influential part of a person’s life or career:
in my time that was unheard of
(one’s time) the appropriate or expected time for something, in particular childbirth or death:
he seemed old before his time
an apprenticeship:
engineering officers traditionally served their time as fitters in the yards
dated a period of menstruation or pregnancy.
[mass noun] the normal rate of pay for time spent working:
if called out at the weekend they are paid time and a half
the length of time taken to run a race or complete an event or journey:
his time for the mile was 3:49.31
British the moment at which the opening hours of a pub end:
the landlord called time
short for full time:.
he scored the third five minutes from time
Baseball & American Football a moment at which play stops temporarily within a game:
the umpire called time
3 [mass noun] time as allotted, available, or used:
we need more time
it would be a waste of time
informal a prison sentence:
he was doing time for fraud
4an instance of something happening or being done; an occasion:
this is the first time I have got into debt
the nurse came in four times a day
an event, occasion, or period experienced in a particular way:
she was having a rough time of it
5 (times) (following a number) expressing multiplication:
eleven times four is forty-four
6 [mass noun] the rhythmic pattern of a piece of music, as expressed by a time signature:
tunes in waltz time
the tempo at which a piece of music is played or marked to be played.
1 [with object and adverbial or infinitive] plan, schedule, or arrange when (something) should happen or be done:
the first track race is timed for 11.15
the bomb had been timed to go off an hour later
perform (an action) at a particular moment:
Williams timed his pass perfectly from about thirty yards
2 [with object] measure the time taken by (a process or activity, or a person doing it):
we were timed and given certificates according to our speed
[with clause]:
I timed how long it took to empty that tanker
3 [with object] (time something out) Computing (of a computer or a program) cancel an operation automatically because a predefined interval of time has passed without a certain event happening:
connections are timed out when they’re not in use
[no object]:
some networks will time out if they don’t see activity going to the printer
(time out) (of an operation) be cancelled automatically because a predefined interval of time has passed without a certain event happening.