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Pronunciation of A Few: Learn how to pronounce A Few in English correctly

Learn how to say A Few correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word few:

determiner , pronoun , & adjective
1 (a few) a small number of:
[as determiner]:
may I ask a few questions?
[as pronoun]:
I will recount a few of the stories told me
there are hundreds of applicants but only a few are selected
2used to emphasize how small a number of people or things is:
[as determiner]:
he had few friends
[as pronoun]:
few thought to challenge these assumptions
very few of the titles have any literary merit
a club with as few as 20 members
a population of fewer than two million
[as adjective]:
sewing was one of her few pleasures
ask which products have the fewest complaints
(as plural noun the few)
the minority of people; the elect:
art is not just for the few
(the Few) British the RAF pilots who took part in the Battle of Britain.
[alluding to a speech of Sir Winston Churchill (20 August, 1940)]

every few

once in every small group of (typically units of time):
she visits every few weeks
few and far between

scarce; infrequent:
my inspired moments are few and far between
a good few

British a fairly large number of:
we sat there for a good few minutes
have a few

informal drink enough alcohol to be slightly drunk.
no fewer than

used to emphasize a surprisingly large number:
there are no fewer than seventy different brand names
not a few

a considerable number:
virtually every soul star, and not a few blues singers, learned to sing in church
quite a few

a fairly large number:
quite a few people got the wrong impression
some few

some but not many.