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How to Pronounce Tops: Learn how to pronounce Tops in English correctly

Learn how to say Tops correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word top:

1 [usually in singular] the highest or uppermost point, part, or surface of something:
Doreen stood at the top of the stairs
fill the cup almost to the top
[in combination]:
the springy turf of the clifftop
(usually tops) the leaves, stems, and shoots of a plant, especially those of a vegetable grown for its root:
some growers snip off the carrot’s green tops in the field
chiefly British the uppermost creamy layer of milk.
2a thing or part placed on, fitted to, or covering the upper part of something, in particular:
a garment covering the upper part of the body and worn with a skirt, trousers, or shorts:
he was wearing a hooded top
she bought a couple of new tops
a lid, cover, or cap:
beer-bottle tops
(in a sailing ship) a platform around the head of each of the lower masts, serving to extend the topmast rigging.
3 (the top) the highest or most important rank, level, or position:
her talent will take her right to the top
the people at the top must be competent
the utmost degree or the highest level:
she shouted at the top of her voice
(tops) informal a person or thing regarded as particularly good:
professionally you’re the tops
British the highest gear of a motor vehicle:
long gradients can be surmounted in top
[mass noun] the high-frequency component of reproduced sound.
4chiefly British the end of something that is furthest from the speaker or a point of reference:
the bus shelter at the top of the road
5short for topspin.
6 (usually tops) a bundle of long wool fibres prepared for spinning.
7 [mass noun] Physics one of six flavours of quark.
1highest in position, rank, or degree:
the top button of his shirt
a top executive
2chiefly British furthest away from the speaker or a point of reference:
the top end of Fulham Road
verb (tops, topping, topped)
[with object]
1exceed (an amount, level, or number); be more than:
losses are expected to top £100 m this year
be at the highest place or rank in (a list, poll, or league):
her debut album topped the charts for five weeks
be taller than:
he topped her by several inches
surpass (a person or previous achievement); outdo:
he was baffled as to how he could top his past work
appear as the chief performer or attraction at:
Hopper topped a great night of boxing
2provide with a top or topping:
toast topped with baked beans
complete (an outfit) with an upper garment, hat, or item of jewellery:
a white dress topped by a dark cardigan
remove the top of (a vegetable or fruit) in preparation for cooking:
I use the sharp edge of an old butcher’s knife for topping and the back of the blade for cleaning the roots
3reach the top of (a hill or other elevation):
they topped a rise and began a slow descent
4British informal kill:
I wasn’t sorry when he topped himself
5 Golf mishit (the ball or a stroke) by hitting above the centre of the ball:
he topped his drive on the fifth hole
(as adjective topped)
sliced and topped shots
(tops) informal
at the most:
some civil servant earning twenty-eight thousand a year, tops