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How to Pronounce Toot: Learn how to pronounce Toot in English correctly

Learn how to say Toot correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word toot:

1a short, sharp sound made by a horn, trumpet, or similar instrument:
an accidental toot from the saxophonist
the blue van’s familiar toots
2 informal a snort of a drug, especially cocaine:
he still likes a toot
[mass noun] cocaine:
you won’t have me to supply you with free toot
3North American informal a spell of drinking and lively enjoyment; a spree:
a sales manager on a toot
[with object]
1sound (a horn or similar) with a short, sharp sound:
an impatient motorist tooted a horn
[no object] make a toot:
a car tooted at us
2 informal snort (cocaine):
the drawbacks of tooting cocaine



early 16th century: probably from Middle Low German tūten, but possibly an independent imitative formation