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How to Pronounce Text: Learn how to pronounce Text in English correctly

Learn how to say Text correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word text:

1a book or other written or printed work, regarded in terms of its content rather than its physical form:
a text which explores pain and grief
a piece of written or printed material regarded as conveying the authentic or primary form of a particular work:
in some passages it is difficult to establish the original text
[mass noun] written or printed words, typically forming a connected piece of work:
stylistic features of journalistic text
[mass noun] Computing data in the form of words or alphabetic characters.
2 [in singular] the main body of a book or other piece of writing, as distinct from other material such as notes, appendices, and illustrations:
the pictures are clear and relate well to the text
a script or libretto.
3a written work chosen or set as a subject of study:
too much concentration on set texts can turn pupils against reading
a textbook:
an organic chemistry text
a passage from the Bible or other religious work, especially when used as the subject of a sermon.
a subject or theme for a discussion or exposition:
he took as his text the fact that Australia is paradise
4a text message:
just give us a call or send us a text
5 (also text-hand) [mass noun] fine, large handwriting, used especially for manuscripts.
[with object]
send (someone) a text message:
if she was going to go she would have texted us
(as noun texting)
his father banned him from texting and confiscated the phone
late Middle English: from Old Northern French texte, from Latin textus ’tissue, literary style’ (in medieval Latin, ‘Gospel’), from text- ‘woven’, from the verb texere