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How to Pronounce Terrapin: Learn how to pronounce Terrapin in English correctly

Learn how to say Terrapin correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word terrapin:

1a freshwater turtle, especially one of the smaller kinds of the Old World. Called turtle in North America.
Emydidae and other families, order Chelonia: several genera and species, in particular the European pond terrapin
2 (also diamondback terrapin) US a small edible turtle with lozenge-shaped markings on its shell, found in coastal marshes of the eastern US.
Malaclemys terrapin, family Emydidae
3 (Terrapin) British trademark a type of prefabricated one-storey building for temporary use.
early 17th century (denoting the diamondback terrapin): of Algonquian origin