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How to Pronounce Terracotta: Learn how to pronounce Terracotta in English correctly

Learn how to say Terracotta correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word terracotta:

[mass noun]
a type of fired clay, typically of a brownish-red colour and unglazed, used as an ornamental building material and in modelling:
[as modifier]:
terracotta pots
[count noun] a statuette or other object made of terracotta.
a strong brownish-red or brownish-orange colour:
shades of green and terracotta
[as modifier]:
warm, mellow terracotta tones
early 18th century: from Italian terra cotta ‘baked earth’, from Latin terra cocta

Spelling help
Spell terracotta with a double r and a double t: it is from an Italian phrase meaning ‘baked earth’.