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How to Pronounce Snapped: Learn how to pronounce Snapped in English correctly

Learn how to say Snapped correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word snap:

verb (snaps, snapping, snapped)
1break suddenly and completely, typically with a sharp cracking sound:
[no object]:
guitar strings kept snapping
[with object]:
dead twigs can be snapped off
[no object] emit a sudden, sharp cracking sound:
banners snapping in the breeze
[with complement or adverbial] move or alter with a brisk movement and typically a sharp sound:
[with object]:
Rosa snapped her bag shut
[no object]:
his mouth snapped into a tight, straight line
[no object] suddenly lose one’s self-control:
she claims she snapped after years of violence
2 [no object] (of an animal) make a sudden audible bite:
a dog was snapping at his heels
3 [reporting verb] say something quickly and irritably:
[no object]:
McIllvanney snapped at her
[with direct speech]:
‘I really don’t much care,’ she snapped
4 [with object] take a snapshot of:
he planned to spend the time snapping rare wildlife
[no object]:
photographers were snapping away at her
5 [with object] American Football put (the ball) into play by a quick backward movement:
time will not be resumed until the ball is snapped on the next play
1a sudden, sharp cracking sound or movement:
she closed her purse with a snap
[mass noun] vigour or liveliness of style or action; zest:
the snap of the dialogue
2 [in singular] a hurried, irritable tone or manner:
‘I’m still waiting,’ he said with a snap
3a snapshot:
holiday snaps
4 [mass noun] British a card game in which cards from two piles are turned over simultaneously and players call ‘snap’ as quickly as possible when two similar cards are exposed.
[as exclamation] said when one notices that one has or does the identical thing to someone else:
‘Snap!’ They looked at each other’s ties with a smile
5a sudden brief spell of cold or otherwise distinctive weather:
a cold snap
6 [mass noun] Northern English food, especially food taken to work to be eaten during a break.
7 [in singular] North American informal an easy task:
a control panel that makes operation a snap
8 (usually snaps) North American a press stud:
a black cloth jacket with a lot of snaps and attachments
done or taken on the spur of the moment, unexpectedly, or without notice:
a snap decision
he could call a snap election