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How to Pronounce Scrimmaging: Learn how to pronounce Scrimmaging in English correctly

Learn how to say Scrimmaging correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word scrimmage:

1a confused struggle or fight:
there was a considerable scrimmage, with people anxious to obtain cabs
2 [mass noun] American Football a sequence of play beginning with the placing of the ball on the ground with its longest axis at right angles to the goal line:
Michigan was called for pass interference in the first play from scrimmage
[count noun] chiefly American Football a session in which teams practise by playing a simulated game.
[no object] chiefly American Football
engage in a scrimmage:
I recommended that we be able to scrimmage against other schools during the spring
[with object] put (the ball) into a scrimmage.



late Middle English: alteration of dialect scrimish, variant of the noun skirmish