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How to Pronounce Scents: Learn how to pronounce Scents in English correctly

Learn how to say Scents correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word scent:

1a distinctive smell, especially one that is pleasant:
the scent of freshly cut hay
[mass noun] pleasant-smelling liquid worn on the skin; perfume:
she sprayed scent over her body
2a trail indicated by the characteristic smell of an animal and perceptible to hounds or other animals:
the hound followed the scent
a trail of evidence or other signs assisting someone in a search or investigation:
once their interest is aroused they follow the scent with sleuth-like pertinacity
3 [mass noun] archaic the faculty or sense of smell:
the dog, having the help of scent as well as of sight
[with object]
1 (usually be scented with) impart a pleasant scent to:
a glass of tea scented with a local herb
2discern by the sense of smell:
a shark can scent blood from well over half a kilometre away
sense the presence, existence, or imminence of:
the Premier scented victory last night
sniff (the air) for a scent:
the bull advanced, scenting the breeze at every step