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How to Pronounce Scald: Learn how to pronounce Scald in English correctly

Learn how to say Scald correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word scald:

[with object]
injure with very hot liquid or steam:
the tea scalded his tongue
heat (milk or other liquid) to near boiling point:
scald the milk with the citrus zest
immerse (something) briefly in boiling water for various purposes, such as to facilitate the removal of skin from fruit or to preserve meat:
a medium sliced tomato, scalded in water to remove its skin
cause to feel a searing sensation like that of boiling water on skin:
she fought to stave off the hot tears scalding her eyes
archaic rinse (a container) with boiling water:
there’s bowls to scald and bairns to fetch!
1a burn or other injury caused by hot liquid or steam:
50,000 children a year are taken to hospital with burns and scalds
2 [mass noun] any of a number of plant diseases which produce an effect similar to that of scalding, especially a disease of fruit marked by browning and caused by excessive sunlight, bad storage conditions, or atmospheric pollution.
like a scalded cat
very quickly:
he took off like a scalded cat
Middle English (as a verb): from Anglo-Norman French escalder, from late Latin excaldare, from Latin ex- ‘thoroughly’ + calidus ‘hot’. The noun dates from the early 17th century