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How to Pronounce Replied: Learn how to pronounce Replied in English correctly

Learn how to say Replied correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word reply:

verb (replies, replying, replied)
[reporting verb]
say something in response to something someone has said:
[no object]:
he was gone before we could reply to his last remark
[with clause]:
she replied that she had been sound asleep
[with direct speech]:
‘I’m OKā€”just leave me alone,’ he replied
[no object] write back in answer to someone:
she replied with a long letter the next day
[no object] respond by a similar action or gesture:
they replied to the shelling with a heavy mortar attack
noun (plural replies)
a verbal or written answer:
I received a reply from the managing director
‘No,’ was the curt reply
[mass noun] the action of answering someone or something:
I am writing in reply to your letter
a response in the form of a gesture, action, or expression:
Clough scored the first goal and Speed hit a late reply
Law a plaintiff’s response to the defendant’s plea.
late Middle English (as a verb): from Old French replier, from Latin replicare ‘repeat’, later ‘make a reply’ (see replicate)

Spelling rule
If a word ends in a consonant plus -y (as in defy), change the -y to an -i before adding any ending (unless the ending already begins with an -i): (replies, replying, replied).