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How to Pronounce Repertories: Learn how to pronounce Repertories in English correctly

Learn how to say Repertories correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word repertory:

noun (plural repertories)
1 [mass noun] the performance of various plays, operas, or ballets by a company at regular short intervals:
[as modifier]:
a repertory actor
repertory theatres regarded collectively:
his long apprenticeship in repertory was as satisfying as what he is doing now
[count noun] a repertory company:
regional repertories and touring companies
2another term for repertoire.
a fair conspectus of Ferrier’s repertory has been preserved for posterity
a repository or collection, especially of information:
most countries produce several periodical repertories of useful information
mid 16th century (denoting an index or catalogue): from late Latin repertorium, from Latin repert- ‘found, discovered’, from the verb reperire. Sense 1 (arising from the fact that a company has a ‘repertory’ of pieces for performance) dates from the late 19th century