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How to Pronounce Rank: Learn how to pronounce Rank in English correctly

Learn how to say Rank correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word rank:

1a position in the hierarchy of the armed forces:
an army officer of high rank
he was promoted to the rank of Captain
a position within the hierarchy of an organization or society:
only two cabinet members had held ministerial rank before
[mass noun] high social position:
persons of rank and breeding
Statistics a number specifying position in a numerically ordered series.
(in systemic grammar) the level of a linguistic unit or set of linguistic units in relation to other sets in the hierarchy.
2a single line of soldiers or police officers drawn up abreast:
they were drawn up outside their barracks in long ranks
a regular row or line of things or people:
conifer plantations growing in serried ranks
Chess each of the eight rows of eight squares running from side to side across a chessboard. Compare with file2.
Britishshort for taxi rank.
3 (ranks) the people belonging to or constituting a group or class:
the ranks of Britain’s unemployed
(the ranks) (in the armed forces) those who are not commissioned officers:
he was fined and reduced to the ranks
4 Mathematics the value or the order of the largest non-zero determinant of a given matrix.
[with object and adverbial]
1give (someone or something) a rank or place within a grading system:
students ranked the samples in order of preference
[with object and complement]:
she is ranked number four in the world
[no object, with adverbial] have a specified rank or place within a grading system:
he now ranks third in America
[with object] US take precedence over (someone) in respect of rank; outrank:
the Secretary of State ranks all the other members of the cabinet
2arrange in a row or rows:
the tents were ranked in orderly rows