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How to Pronounce Parcel: Learn how to pronounce Parcel in English correctly

Learn how to say Parcel correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word parcel:

1an object or collection of objects wrapped in paper in order to be carried or sent by post:
the lorry was carrying a large number of Royal Mail parcels
a brown paper parcel
[as modifier]:
a parcel bomb
2a quantity or amount of something, especially as dealt with in one commercial transaction:
a parcel of shares
a piece of land, especially one considered as part of an estate:
she decided to divide her property into three parcels and invite sealed bids
archaic derogatory a group of people of a specified sort:
a parcel of rogues
verb (parcels, parcelling, parcelled; US parcels, parceling, parceled)
[with object]
1make (something) into a parcel by wrapping it:
he parcelled up his only winter suit to take to the pawnbroker
(parcel something out) divide into portions and then distribute:
the farmers argue that parcelling out commercial farmland in small plots will reduce productivity
2 Nautical wrap (rope) with strips of tarred canvas, before binding it with yarn as part of a traditional technique to reduce chafing.
pass the parcel
a children’s game in which a parcel is passed around to the accompaniment of music, the child holding the parcel when the music stops being allowed to unwrap a layer:
the last party I went to, I ate too much jelly and was sick during pass the parcel
late Middle English (chiefly in the sense ‘small portion’): from Old French parcelle, from Latin particula ‘small part’

Spelling rule
Double the l when adding endings which begin with a vowel to words which end in a vowel plus l (as in travel): (parcels, parcelling, parcelled).