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How to Pronounce Orbiting: Learn how to pronounce Orbiting in English correctly

Learn how to say Orbiting correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word orbit:

1the regularly repeated elliptical course of a celestial object or spacecraft about a star or planet:
the Earth’s orbit around the sun
one complete circuit round an orbited body:
the satellite will complete one orbit every 12 hours
[mass noun] the state of moving in an orbit:
the earth is in orbit around the sun
the path of an electron round an atomic nucleus.
2an area of activity, interest, or influence:
audiences drawn largely from outside the Party orbit
3 Anatomy the cavity in the skull of a vertebrate that contains the eye; the eye socket.
the area around the eye of a bird or other animal.
verb (orbits, orbiting, orbited)
[with object]
(of a celestial object or spacecraft) move in orbit round (a star or planet):
Mercury orbits the Sun
[no object] move in a circle:
the discs spun and orbited slowly
put (a satellite) into orbit:
France has been orbiting satellites with her own launcher