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How to Pronounce Nobbler: Learn how to pronounce Nobbler in English correctly

Learn how to say Nobbler correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word nobble:

[with object] British informal
1try to influence or thwart by underhand or unfair methods:
an attempt to nobble the jury
tamper with (a racehorse or greyhound) to prevent it from winning a race, especially by giving it a drug:
a doping ring nobbled three of the trainer’s horses in 1990
2obtain dishonestly; steal:
he intended to nobble Rose’s money
seize or accost (someone):
they nobbled him and threw him on to the train
people always tried to nobble her at parties
mid 19th century: probably a variant of dialect knobble, knubble ‘knock, strike with the knuckles’