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How to Pronounce Miters: Learn how to pronounce Miters in English correctly

Learn how to say Miters correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word mitre:

1a tall headdress worn by bishops and senior abbots as a symbol of office, tapering to a point at front and back with a deep cleft between.
2 (also mitre joint) a joint made between two pieces of wood or other material at an angle of 90°, such that the line of junction bisects this angle:
[as modifier]:
a mitre saw
a diagonal seam between two pieces of fabric that are sewn together at a corner.
3 (also mitre shell) a mollusc of warm seas which has a sharply pointed shell with a narrow aperture, supposedly resembling a bishop’s mitre.
Family Mitridae, class Gastropoda: Mitra and other genera
[with object]
join by means of a mitre joint or seam:
turn up a double hem, mitring the corners
late Middle English: from Old French, via Latin from Greek mitra ‘belt or turban’

Spelling help
Spell mitre with -re at the end (the spelling miter is American).