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How to Pronounce Metrics: Learn how to pronounce Metrics in English correctly

Learn how to say Metrics correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word metric:

1relating to or based on the metre as a unit of length:
all measurements are given in metric form
relating to or using the metric system:
we should have gone metric years ago
2 Mathematics & Physics relating to or denoting a metric:
the metric equation of Minkowski space-time
1 technical a system or standard of measurement:
the levels of branching are arbitrary and no precise metric is applied to distance between the nodes
(metrics) (in business) a set of figures or statistics that measure results.
Mathematics & Physics a binary function of a topological space which gives, for any two points of the space, a value equal to the distance between them, or to a value treated as analogous to distance for the purpose of analysis:
[with modifier]:
the external structure of space-time is described by the Schwarzschild metric
2 [mass noun] informal the metric system:
it’s easier to work in metric

mid 19th century (as an adjective relating to length): from French métrique, from mètre (see metre1)