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How to Pronounce Melt: Learn how to pronounce Melt in English correctly

Learn how to say Melt correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word melt:

1make or become liquefied by heating:
[with object]:
the hot metal melted the wax
(as adjective melted)
asparagus with melted butter
[no object]:
place under a hot grill until the cheese has melted
[with object] (melt something down) melt a metal article so as to reuse the raw material:
beautiful objects are being melted down and sold for scrap
[no object] dissolve in liquid:
add 400g sugar and boil until the sugar melts
[no object] informal (of a person) suffer extreme heat.
2make or become more tender or loving:
[with object]:
Richard gave her a smile which melted her heart
[no object]:
she was so beautiful that I melted
3 [no object, with adverbial] disappear or disperse:
the compromise was accepted and the opposition melted away
(melt into) change or merge imperceptibly into (another form or state):
the cheers melted into gasps of admiration
an act or period of melting:
the precipitation falls as snow and is released during the spring melt
[mass noun] metal or other material in a melted condition.
a quantity of metal melted at one operation.
[with modifier] North American a sandwich, hamburger, or other dish containing or topped with melted cheese:
a tuna melt
melt in the mouth
(of food) be deliciously light or tender and need little chewing:
they ate lamb which melted in the mouth
Phrasal Verbs
melt down
1collapse or break down disastrously:
many expected him to melt down at the first sign of trouble
2(of a nuclear reactor) undergo a catastrophic failure as a result of the fuel overheating:
if the pumps that cool the reactor core become disabled the core could begin to overheat, and the reactor could melt down
Old English meltan, mieltan, of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse melta ‘to malt, digest’, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek meldein ‘to melt’, Latin mollis ‘soft’, also by malt