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How to Pronounce Means: Learn how to pronounce Means in English correctly

Learn how to say Means correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word means:

1 [treated as singular or plural] (often means of/to do something) an action or system by which a result is achieved; a method:
technology seen as a means to bring about emancipation
resolving disputes by peaceful means
2financial resources; income:
a woman of modest but independent means
substantial resources; wealth:
a man of means
beyond (or within) one’s means
beyond (or within) one’s budget or income:
the government is living beyond its means
a flat that was within her means
by all means
of course; certainly (granting a permission):
‘May I make a suggestion?’ ‘By all means.’
by any means
[with negative] in any way; at all:
I’m not poor by any means
by means of
with the help of; by using:
supplying water to cities by means of aqueducts
by no means
(or by no manner of means)
not at all; certainly not:
the outcome is by no means guaranteed
means of grace
Christian Theology the sacraments and other religious agencies viewed as the means by which divine grace is imparted to the soul, or by which growth in grace is promoted.
means of production
(in a political context) the facilities and resources for producing goods:
in this society the means of production are communally owned
a means to an end
a thing that is not valued or important in itself but is useful in achieving an aim:
higher education was seen primarily as a means to an end
late Middle English: plural of mean3, the early sense being ‘intermediary’