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How to Pronounce Locking: Learn how to pronounce Locking in English correctly

Learn how to say Locking correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word lock:

1a mechanism for keeping a door, window, lid, or container fastened, typically operated by a key:
the key turned firmly in the lock
a device used to prevent the operation or movement of a vehicle or other machine:
a steering lock
a bicycle lock
(in wrestling and martial arts) a hold that prevents an opponent from moving a limb.
[in singular] archaic a number of interlocked or jammed items:
I have seen all Albermarle Street closed by a lock of carriages
2a short section of a canal or river with gates and sluices at each end which can be opened or closed to change the water level, used for raising and lowering boats:
there was a lock every quarter of a mile
3 [mass noun] British the turning of the front wheels of a vehicle to change its direction of motion.
(also full lock) the maximum extent that the front wheels of a vehicle can be turned.
4 (also lock forward) Rugby a player in the second row of a scrum.
5 (a lock) North American informal a person or thing that is certain to succeed; a certainty:
all of this makes him a lock to make the Hall of Fame
6 historical a mechanism for exploding the charge of a gun.
1 [with object] fasten or secure (something) with a lock:
she closed and locked her desk
(as adjective locked)
behind locked doors
[no object] (of a door, window, etc.) become or be able to be secured with a lock:
the door will automatically lock behind you
[with object and adverbial] enclose or shut in by locking or fastening a door, lid, etc.:
the prisoners are locked in overnight
Phil locked away the takings
2make or become rigidly fixed or immovable:
[with object]:
he locked his hands behind her neck
[no object]:
their gaze locked for several long moments
3 [no object, with adverbial of direction] go through a lock on a canal:
we locked through at Moore Haven