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How to Pronounce Indicator: Learn how to pronounce Indicator in English correctly

Learn how to say Indicator correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word indicator:

1a thing that indicates the state or level of something:
car ownership is frequently used as an indicator of affluence
2a device providing specific information on the state or condition of something, in particular:
[usually with modifier] a gauge or meter of a specified kind:
a speed indicator
an altitude indicator
British a board or screen in a railway station, airport, etc. giving current information:
[as modifier]:
the indicator board
3British a flashing light or (formerly) other device on a vehicle to show that it is about to change lanes or turn:
[as modifier]:
an indicator light
4 Chemistry a compound which changes colour at a specific pH value or in the presence of a particular substance, and can be used to monitor acidity, alkalinity, or the progress of a reaction:
the remaining alkali is titrated against standard acid using phenolphthalein as indicator
5 (also indicator species) an animal or plant species which can be used to infer conditions in a particular habitat:
the raccoon is a poor choice as an indicator of riparian habitat
Spelling help
Spell indicator with -or at the end.