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How to Pronounce Impact: Learn how to pronounce Impact in English correctly

Learn how to say Impact correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word impact:

Pronunciation: /ˈɪmpakt/

1the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another:
there was the sound of a third impact
[mass noun]:
bullets which expand and cause devastating injury on impact
2a marked effect or influence:
our regional measures have had a significant impact on unemployment
Pronunciation: /ɪmˈpakt/

[no object]
1come into forcible contact with another object:
the shell impacted twenty yards away
[with object] chiefly North American come into forcible contact with:
an asteroid impacted the earth some 60 million years ago
[with object] press (something) firmly:
the animals’ feet do not impact and damage the soil as cows’ hooves do
2 (impact on) have a strong effect on someone or something:
high interest rates have impacted on retail spending
[with object]:
the move is not expected to impact the company’s employees

early 17th century (as a verb in the sense ‘press closely, fix firmly’): from Latin impact- ‘driven in’, from the verb impingere (see impinge)

The phrasal verb impact on, as in when produce is lost, it always impacts on the bottom line, has been in the language since the 1960s. Many people disapprove of it, saying that make an impact on or other equivalent wordings should be used instead. This may be partly because, in general, new formations of verbs from nouns (as in the case of impact, action, and task) are regarded as somehow inferior; in addition, since the verbal use of impact is associated with business and commercial writing, it has the unenviable status of ‘jargon’, which makes it doubly disliked. Compare with enthuse (usage).