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How to Pronounce Headless: Learn how to pronounce Headless in English correctly

Learn how to say Headless correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word head:

1the upper part of the human body, or the front or upper part of the body of an animal, typically separated from the rest of the body by a neck, and containing the brain, mouth, and sense organs.
the head regarded as the location of intellect, imagination, and memory:
whatever comes into my head
(head for) an aptitude for or tolerance of:
she had a good head for business
a head for heights
informal a headache, especially one resulting from intoxication.
the height or length of a head as a measure:
he was beaten by a head
(heads) the side of a coin bearing the image of a head (used when tossing a coin to determine a winner):
heads or tails?
the antlers of a deer:
stags yearly cast their heads in March
2a thing resembling a head either in form or in relation to a whole, in particular:
the cutting, striking, or operational end of a tool, weapon, or mechanism.
the flattened or knobbed end of a nail, pin, screw, or match.
the ornamented top of a pillar or column.
a compact mass of leaves or flowers at the top of a stem, especially a capitulum:
huge heads of fluffy cream flowers
the edible leafy part at the top of the stem of such green vegetables as cabbage and lettuce.
3the front, forward, or upper part or end of something, in particular:
the upper end of a table or bed:
he sat down at the head of the cot
the upper horizontal part of a window frame or door frame.
the flat end of a cask or drum.
the front of a queue or procession:
at the head of the queue
the top of a page.
short for headline.
the top of a flight of stairs or steps.
the foam on top of a glass of beer, or the cream on the top of milk.
the source of a river or stream.
the end of a lake or inlet at which a river enters.
[usually in place names] a promontory:
Beachy Head
the top of a ship’s mast.
the bows of a ship.
short for cylinder head.
4a person in charge of something; a director or leader:
the head of the Dutch Catholic Church
Britishshort for headmaster, headmistress, or head teacher.
5a person considered as a numerical unit:
they paid fifty pounds a head
[treated as plural] a number of cattle or game as specified:
seventy head of dairy cattle
6a component in an audio, video, or information system by which information is transferred from an electrical signal to the recording medium, or vice versa.
the part of a record player that holds the playing cartridge and stylus.
short for printhead.
7a body of water kept at a particular height in order to provide a supply at sufficient pressure:
an 8 m head of water in the shafts
the pressure exerted by a head of water or by a confined body of steam:
a good head of steam on the gauge
8 Nautical a toilet on a ship or boat:
they were cleaning out the heads
9 Grammar the word that governs all the other words in a phrase in which it is used, having the same grammatical function as the whole phrase.
10 [mass noun] Geology a superficial deposit of rock fragments, formed at the edge of an ice sheet by repeated freezing and thawing and then moved downhill.
chief; principal:
the head waiter