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How to Pronounce Grooving: Learn how to pronounce Grooving in English correctly

Learn how to say Grooving correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word groove:

1a long, narrow cut or depression in a hard material.
a spiral track cut in a record, into which the stylus fits.
Climbing an indentation where two planes of rock meet at an angle of more than 120°.
2an established routine or habit:
his thoughts were slipping into a familiar groove
3 informal a particular rhythm in popular or jazz music:
her vocals drift delicately across a soaring soul groove
1 [with object] make a groove or grooves in:
deep lines grooved her face
2 [no object] informal dance to or play popular or jazz music:
they were grooving to Motown
dated play popular or jazz music in an accomplished manner:
the rhythm section grooves in the true Basie manner
enjoy oneself:
Harley relaxed and began to groove
3 [with object] Baseball, informal pitch (a ball) in the centre of the strike zone:
he grooved a fastball in the 9th inning
North American (in the context of other sports) kick or throw (the ball) successfully; score (a goal) with stylish ease:
the San Diego kicker grooved the winning field goal