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How to Pronounce Grooming: Learn how to pronounce Grooming in English correctly

Learn how to say Grooming correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word groom:

[with object]
1brush and clean the coat of (a horse, dog, or other animal):
the horses were groomed and taken to shows
(of an animal) clean the fur or skin of (itself or another animal):
their main preoccupation is licking and grooming themselves
(often as adjective groomed) give a neat and tidy appearance to (someone):
[with submodifier]:
a beautifully groomed woman
(as noun grooming)
she pays great attention to grooming and clothes
look after (a lawn, ski slope, or other surface):
groom your lawn—keep the grass cut
2prepare or train (someone) for a particular purpose or activity:
star pupils who are groomed for higher things
(of a paedophile) prepare (a child) for a meeting, especially via an Internet chat room, with the intention of committing a sexual offence.
1a person employed to take care of horses.
2a bridegroom.
3British any of various officials of the royal household.
Middle English (in the sense ‘boy’, later ‘man, male servant’): of unknown origin