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How to Pronounce Gripe: Learn how to pronounce Gripe in English correctly

Learn how to say Gripe correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word gripe:

1 [no object] informal complain about something in a persistent, irritating way:
it’s no use griping about your boss or your pay
[with direct speech]:
‘Holidays make no difference to Simon,’ Pat griped
2 [with object] (usually as adjective griping) affect with gastric or intestinal pain:
spasmodic griping pains
3 [with object] archaic grasp tightly; clutch:
Hilyard griped his dagger
4 [with object] Nautical secure (a boat) with gripes.
5 [no object] Sailing (of a ship) turn to face the wind despite the efforts of the helmsman.
1 informal a minor complaint:
my only gripe is the size of the page numbers
2 [mass noun] gastric or intestinal pain; colic:
seeing your tiny baby suffering with wind and gripe
3 archaic an act of grasping something tightly:
he seized me by the arms with a rude gripe
4 (gripes) Nautical lashings securing a boat in its place on deck or in davits.
Old English grÄ«pan ‘grasp, clutch’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch grijpen, German greifen ‘seize’, also to grip and grope. gripe (sense 2 of the verb) dates from the 17th century; gripe (sense 1 of the verb), of US origin, dates from the 1930s