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How to Pronounce Great: Learn how to pronounce Great in English correctly

Learn how to say Great correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word great:

1of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above average:
the article was of great interest
she showed great potential as an actor
[attributive] used to reinforce another adjective of size or extent:
a great big grin
(also greater) [attributive] used in names of animals or plants which are larger than similar kinds, e.g. great tit, greater celandine.
(Great) [attributive, in place names] denoting the larger or largest part of a place:
Great Malvern
(Greater) [attributive] (of a city) including adjacent urban areas:
Greater Manchester
2of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above average:
the great Italian conductor
great art has the power to change lives
[attributive] important or most important:
the great day arrived
the great thing is the challenge
(the Great) used as a title to denote the most important person of the name:
Alexander the Great
impressive or grand:
the great Victorian house
informal very good; excellent:
another great goal from Alan
wouldn’t it be great to have him back?
[as exclamation]:
‘Great!’ said Tom
informal (of a person) very skilled in a particular area:
she’s great at French
3 [attributive] used before a noun to emphasize a particular description of someone or something:
I was a great fan of Hank’s
her great friend Joe
used to express surprise, admiration, or contempt, especially in exclamations:
you great oaf!
4 [in combination] (in names of family relationships) denoting one degree further removed upwards or downwards:
5 [predic.] Irish (of two people) on very close or intimate terms:
one of the boys was very great with her
1an important or distinguished person:
the Beatles, Bob Dylan, all the greats
(as plural noun the great)
the lives of the great, including Churchill and Newton
2 (Greats)another term for Literae Humaniores.
very well; excellently:
we played awful, they played great