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How to Pronounce Glooming: Learn how to pronounce Glooming in English correctly

Learn how to say Glooming correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word gloom:

[mass noun]
1partial or total darkness:
he strained his eyes peering into the gloom
[count noun] literary a dark or shady place:
the meadow-hen floats off, to sink into remoter shades and ferny glooms
2a state of depression or despondency:
a year of economic gloom for the car industry
his gloom deepened
[no object]
1 literary have a dark or sombre appearance:
the black gibbet glooms beside the way
[with object] make dark or dismal:
a black yew gloom’d the stagnant air
2be or look depressed or despondent:
Charles was always glooming about money
gloom and doom
see doom.
late Middle English (as a verb): of unknown origin