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How to Pronounce Giving: Learn how to pronounce Giving in English correctly

Learn how to say Giving correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word give:

verb (past gave /geɪv/; past participle given /ˈgɪv(ə)n/)
1 [with two objects] freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone):
she gave him presents and clothes
the cheque given to the jeweller proved worthless
[with object]:
he gave the papers back
[with object] hand over (an amount) in payment; pay:
how much did you give for that?
[with object] used hyperbolically to express how greatly one wants to have or do something:
I’d give anything for a cup of tea
[with object] commit or entrust:
a baby given into their care by the accident of her birth
[with object] freely set aside or devote for a purpose:
all who have given thought to the matter agree
[no object]:
committees who give so generously of their time and effort
[with object] dated (of a man) sanction the marriage of (his daughter) to someone:
he gave her in marriage to a noble
(give oneself to) dated (of a woman) consent to have sexual intercourse with (a man):
she was a woman who would not give herself to a man lightly
2 [with two objects] cause or allow (someone or something) to have or experience (something); provide with:
you gave me such a fright
[with object]:
this leaflet gives our opening times
provide (love or other emotional support) to:
his parents gave him the encouragement he needed
(as adjective giving)
he was very giving and supportive
allow (someone) to have (a specified amount of time) for an activity or undertaking:
give me a second to bring the car around
[with object]:
I’ll give you until tomorrow morning
pass on (an illness or infection) to (someone):
I hope I don’t give you my cold
pass (a message) to (someone):
give my love to all the girls
[usually in imperative] make a connection to allow (someone) to speak to (someone else) on the telephone:
give me the police
3 [with object] carry out or perform (a specified action):
I gave a bow
[with two objects]:
he gave the counter a polish
produce (a sound):
he gave a gasp
present (an appearance or impression):
he gave no sign of life
provide (a party or social meal) as host or hostess:
a dinner given in honour of an American diplomat
[with two objects]:
Kate gave him a leaving party
4 [with object] yield as a product or result:
milk is sometimes added to give a richer cheese
(give something off/out/forth) emit odour, vapour, or similar substances:
some solvents give off toxic fumes
5 [with object] concede (something) as valid or deserved in respect of (someone):
give him his due
allot (a score) to:
I gave it five out of ten
(give something for) place a specified value on (something):
he never gave anything for French painting
sentence (someone) to (a specified penalty):
for the first offence I was given a fine
[with object and complement] (of an umpire or referee) declare whether or not (a player) is out or offside:
Gooch was given out, caught behind
adjudicate that (a goal) has been legitimately scored:
the referee gave the goal
6 [with object] state or put forward (information or argument):
he did not give his name
pledge or offer as a guarantee:
[with two objects]:
I give you my word
[with two objects, usually with negative] say to (someone) as an excuse or inappropriate answer:
don’t give me any of your backchat
deliver (a judgement) authoritatively:
I gave my verdict
informal predict that (an activity or relationship) will last no longer than (a specified time):
this is a place that will not improve with time—I give it three weeks
[no object] informal tell what one knows:
okay, give—what’s that all about?
7 [no object] alter in shape under pressure rather than resist or break:
that chair doesn’t give
yield or give way to pressure:
the heavy door didn’t give until the fifth push
when two people who don’t get on are thrust together, something’s got to give
[no object] North American informal concede defeat; surrender:
I give!
[mass noun]
capacity to bend or alter in shape under pressure:
plastic pots that have enough give to accommodate the vigorous roots
ability to adapt; flexibility:
there is no give at all in the British position