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How to Pronounce Franked: Learn how to pronounce Franked in English correctly

Learn how to say Franked correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word frank:

[with object]
1stamp an official mark on (a letter or parcel) to indicate that postage has been paid or does not need to be paid:
each cover will be franked with a specially designed postmark
[with two objects]:
the letter is franked 30 centavos
historical sign (a letter or parcel) to ensure delivery free of charge.
archaic facilitate or pay the passage of (someone):
English will frank the traveller through most of North America
2 (as adjective franked) British denoting dividends and other payments carrying a tax credit which can be offset against advance corporation tax by the company which receives them.
an official mark or signature on a letter or parcel, indicating that postage has been paid or does not need to be paid.
[formerly as a superscribed signature of an eminent person entitled to send letters free of charge]
early 18th century: from frank1, an early sense being ‘free of obligation’